Dr. Brian Sceffler and Dr. Jodi Scheffler from USDA visited Pakistan to attend the Review and Planning Meeting of project on Leaf Curl Virus (CLCuV) in Cotton from May 15 – 18, 2017. During the week achievements of the project were discussed and future directions were identified. Sustainability Meeting of the Project was organized in Serena Hotel on May 16 to highlight the achievements of the Project. The meeting was chaired by HE Sakandar Hayat Khan Bosan Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research. Dr. Yusuf Zafar, Chairman Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Dr. Khalid Abdullah, Cotton Commissioner, who also represented Federal secretary, Ministry of Textile Industry attended the meeting. In addition 80 participants representing farmers, cotton industry, scientists from universities, Provincial and Federal Research Institutes and project collaborators attended the meeting. ICARDA Country Manager welcomed the Federal Minister, delegates from USDA, Chairman PARC, Cotton Commissioner and all other participants. This was followed by highlights of achievements by USDA delegation on the cotton project and remarks by Chairman PARC and Cotton Commissioner. Towards the end Federal Minister in his speech highlighted the importance of cotton crop for the economy of Pakistan as it contributes about 57% to export Quantum and source of 65% of indigenous edible oil and told the house that cotton has very much influence in our rural economy where hundreds and thousands of jobs are linked with this crop, and over 100 billion rupees are disbursed to ladies farm workers and their families in terms of picking charges and other farm operations. He appreciated that USDA and ICARDA are helping Pakistan to conduct a comprehensive research on this disease focusing on the development of Virus resistant varieties using various approaches, training of farmers for best management practices through Farmers’ Field School and Agronomic Practices like sowing of cotton crop in standing wheat. He also pointed out that in this project four federal and 3 Provincial research institutions had opportunity to work under one umbrella. After the lunch there was session for open discussion. During discussion farmers, scientists and other stakeholders acknowledged USDA and Government of USA for funding the project. They also acknowledged ICARDA for successfully managing and providing technical support to the project. The scientists of Collaborating institutes also acknowledged USDA, Dr. Brian and Dr. Jodi for their technical support and providing 5000 accessions of USDA germplasm to Pakistan for screening against CLCuV. They told that cotton breeders are now utilizing virus resistant USA germplasm for the development of Virus resistant Varieties. During three days USDA and ICARDA Reviewed the progress made by individual institution for the development of virus resistant/ highly tolerant varieties, Virology, Transformation, IPM and crop management programs.